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Young Adults

The East Freo Baptist young adults meet often with many of the get togethers by word of mouth or via Facebook.  We have cook-outs, video game nights, movie nights, camping trips (1 and 4 star!), as well as go out to eat or hang out after each Saturday or Sunday service. Some events that you may be interested in are listed below. For more information just contact Wez Blackett - wezblackett26@gmail.com

Young Adults Bible Study

Please see our Connect for more details on the Young Adults Community Group

Young Adults Retreat

Once a year the young adults 'retreat' somewhere and stay at a resort for a weekend. There, they relax, hang out, and listen to a guest speaker/s talk on a passage and discuss their relationship with God. It's a great time of deepening their faith and the young adults also make great friends with whom they can share their concerns or their joys. This year we will be heading to Busselton on the 21st - 23rd July 2017.


Each year in the last weekend of September, a large number of churches go down to Australind and compete in a friendly weekend of sports. There are a variety of sports, and the East Freo young adults form their own team and head down together. The churches also all come together for a church service on the Sunday night.